Wonder Wednesday: The Word Collector

Welcome back to #WonderWednesday. This week I will be sharing about The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds.  This book has been a great provocation tool for third term in Kindergarten and I think would be for any age level. The ideas shared throughout the story have provoked an interest about words, writing, making lists and collecting words. The focus on literacy and specifically writing has been intriguing and very timely for my eager term 3 kinder littles. wordcollector.jpg

Book Description: The Word Collector is about a young boy, Jerome, who is fascinated by words. He collects words and classifies them into various categories: juicy words, two syllable words, sweet words, and the list goes on. Jerome discovers the magic of words and plays with words that connect, inspire and empower!

Connections: Term two and three has had us interested in writing and working on forming sentences using known vocabulary and our word wall. We love making silly sentences and playing around with punctuation. Term 3 has us focusing on sight words and beginning to read, so this book fits beautifully with where we are at. It has prompted a lot of discussion and questions surrounding words. ‘What is a word?’ and ‘How do we know that something is a word’. This has been great review of spaces (something we are always working on). This book sparked curiosity around words and how we see them every day all over the place. My littles suggested they could be word detectives and notice new words all of the time. PERFECT! 

Context: We decided that as detectives or word collectors we would need little scrapbooks, just like Jerome has in the book! We used fancy paper to create our own scrapbooks and this created some hype and excitement around using the books. I modeled how to use them, but lots of the kiddos spent entire exploration times writing in their books. Here is the template so you can make your own books! 

Furthermore, we were inspired by the hanging our words on a clothesline, as Jerome does in the book and have started a clothesline in our classroom full of words we can recognize and write.
Wonder Prompts:
-What makes a word a word? 
-Where do you see words at school? 
-Where do you see words at home? 
-What words are you curious about? 
-What is a syllable?
-Do you see words when you’re outside? 
-Why are there spaces in sentences?

Extensions: This book could really take you in many directions with literacy. It has empowered us on a word finding and writing spree, we are just so excited and enthusiastic about words!
-Sorting types of words that are found would be something that the book could lead into: types of words, sorting by syllable, sorting by theme, sorting by length, sorting and ordering in alphabetic order
-Looking at how words are similar or different in various languages
-Class wide bulletin board or individual books with a different template than mine: click here. 

Read Aloud: I love how this read aloud is read by the author himself in his studio. Have a listen here. 

Have you read ‘The Word Collector’? How did it provoke your learners? What connections to words, reading and writing did they share? How did you extend their learning and inquiry journey? Please share below. In inquiry we are more powerful together.

Stay curious, 


2 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday: The Word Collector

  1. Maureen says:

    I love this, Rebecca! I ordered the book today! Thank you for the template…you must have known I would ask for it! LOL. One way I get my kids to remember spaces is to draw a simple face on the index finger of their non dominant hand. It’s their “space”man. They love it!


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