Picture Books on PASSION!

We LOVE tapping into our learners’ passions and interests. At times, the feeling and concept of being passionate comes naturally to our learners. Other times we find ourselves seeking resources and activities that we can use to EXPLICITLY TEACH, PROVOKE AND INSPIRE our learners to begin to understand what being passionate looks like, feels like and where it can lead them.

We have curated a list of books that can support you and your learners in this process. We hope you enjoy them! Some I have purchased and others I found in our school library or local libraries. Check it out here! 


What books and resources do you use to inspire and provoke your learners to consider what they are passionate about? We would love for you to share about them to our #InquiryMindset community on Twitter and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you share!

Stay curious, 



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