Wonder Wednesday: The Honey Bee

Welcome back to #WonderWednesday! Unfortunately we skipped last week as I was battling a stomach bug, but I am back and feeling much better. This week we have been exploring using ‘The Honey Bee’ by Kirsten Hall as a provocation tool. We were fortunate to have a visit and talk put on by one of the wonderful Mum’s in our room about her bee keeping passion, as our original provocation and then this book fit so nicely, we continued on. Both of these provocation activities have provoked a lot of questions, connections and stories around honey bees, the importance of bees and helping the environment.
Book Description: This beautiful stories brings to life the journey and exploration time of a honey bee. Flying from flower to flower in search of pollen and nectar. Onomatopoeia and LOUD words make this book super fun to read. The illustrations are gorgeous and are wonderful provocations and pictures to use for thinking and writing routines. At the end of this book, the author writes a letter to the readers. The letter focuses on the importance of honey bees and things we can do to help save them, as they are slowly dying. This book is an inspiring and wonderful read. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


Context: This book came right after a wonderful provocation we had brought by a mother in our room. She came in to share about her bee keeping passion. She brought in many items that provoked our thinking and brought out a lot of our questions, stories and connections. We are quite knowledgeable and curious about bees. Her bee keeping suit and mask was super neat to see. Along with her hive box, the honey screens, a dead bee, honey to try and peppermint spray to smell (to calm the bees) we were beyond excited to listen and most importantly.. share! 



Connections: We loved the letter, that the author of ‘The Honey Bee’ wrote to the readers, at the end of the book! It was about how bees are in danger of not surviving, and suggested five different ways we can help out bees and pollinators. As I read it out loud a lot of sad and worried faces appeared on my littles. They were demonstrating compassion and appeared to want to do something. I immediately decided we should do some further thinking on this. We did some thinking and sharing with a partner on the carpet and then followed this up by sharing our idea and plan of how we were going to help the honey bees in our journals. We loved this and wrote/illustrated for almost 40 minutes!! That is a long time in Kinderland.

During our afternoon exploration time, I suggested creating a Honey shop and lots of friends were immediately on board. We had a group of littles who were interested in making signs for the shop whilst others set up ‘honey jars’, tea cups and little plates for the honey shop’s cafe. I also brought out the cash register and some play money, hopefully to spark some interest in money and will lead us into financial literacy. This dramatic play provocation area is a hit and a hot spot in our room!


Wonder Prompts:
-What sound do honey bees make? 
-Where would you find a honey bee? 
-What do honey bees do? 
-Do honey bees live alone or in a group? 
-How do honey bees help our environment? 
-Why do you think honey beers are in danger? 
-What can you do to help honey bees? 
-What do you notice with the LOUD words in this book?

Stay tuned for more Honey Bee inquiry learning, as we are just getting started! Follow me on Instagram for daily highlights on my stories of our learning: @InquiryTeacher .

Have you read ‘The Honey Bee’? How did it provoke your learners? What connections to honey, bees, local products, environment? How did you extend their learning and inquiry journey? Please share below. In inquiry we are more powerful together.

Stay curious, 


2 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday: The Honey Bee

  1. Ashley says:

    Rebecca this sounds amazing! You need to read The King of the Bees by Lester Laminack . Your littles will love it!
    Ashley – Shiloh point


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