The Inquiry Cycle

The Inquiry Cycle.png

Wondering how to roll out a full Inquiry Cycle in your practice? Curious as to where to begin and where to go next? In Inquiry Mindset, Trevor and I propose a clear and accessible cycle to use when planning and rolling out Inquiry with your Littles.

The idea behind the cycle is that it can be used in any type of inquiry. Whether you are planning a structured 3 week cycle or a series of lessons in guided inquiry, the cycle allows you to feel supported, planned and empowers you to look forward to where you are headed.

To help plan out your inquiry cycle, please keep three things in mind: your learners, your curriculum and your assessment. Reflecting on what’s going on for your learners, how the inquiry cycle will connect to your curriculum and how you will provide your learners to share how their thinking has changed is crucial and will help to create a much more fluid cycle.

We created this sketch to help you understand the ten phases of the inquiry cycle. In chapter 3, of Inquiry Mindset, we have broken down each phase and included a case study example to illustrate what this could look like in your classroom. Keep in mind that this sketch is powerful to use for your self with colleagues when collaborating and planning for inquiry but also with your learners. It helps to bring the process to life and to scaffold when you are moving towards the deeper end of the pool.

Please share and tag us on the #InquiryMindset community with your thoughts and ideas surrounding this chapter and sketch! Remember, in inquiry we are more powerful together. We can’t wait to hear what you think and roll out with your learners.

Stay curious,