Wonder Wednesday: Not a Box

Welcome to #WonderWednesday. This week I will be sharing about: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. This book provokes imagination, making connections and sharing of creative ideas. The creative ideas that this book can provoke are inspiring, fun and original.
51k2YbbOSdL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBook Description: ‘Not a Box’ is a humour and imaginative picture book that will inspire your learner to use their imagination with regular day items. Antoinette Portis captures the thought process a young child may have when imagining and playing with a cardboard box. The box becomes the bunny’s gateway to imagination and exploration.
After spring break we commenced an Imagination and Magical inquiry. It was completely student learner driven. Our kiddos decided on this focus before our spring break. They were researching in small focus groups about: Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Princesses, Knights & Castles. As a whole group we were focusing on our essential question: “What is imagination?”. We read through various different picture books, and ‘Not a Box’ was a highlight. We had been talking about what we thought imagination was. Some of our ideas and thoughts included being able to turn any object into something special to play with. ‘Not a Box’ fit this focus beautifully.

Context: As we were exploring our ideas surrounding imagination, we read ‘Not a Box’ as a whole class. The text in this book is quite repetitive and simple, perfect for Kindergarten and second language learners (French to be ad-libbed). Together we read through the book, a couple of times. We explored the idea of changing a box into anything we imagined. We did ‘thinking caps’ (whole brain teaching) to come up with our ideas and we shared them through partner carpet talk. Through drawing, we then turned our box into our imaginative object. This was a hit! This book sparked curiosity and dialogue around using our imagination if we are feeling ‘bored’. It also had us turning regular classroom objects into imaginative things during playtime. Furthermore, it had us inspired about using boxes for our upcoming museum display. Top right thought bubbles are where we drew about this book. 


Wonder Prompts:
-When you look a box, what else do you see? 
-What might your ‘Not a Box’ be? 
-Think about a time you used your imagination to turn an object into something creative. 
-What might you need to change a box into your creation? 
-Where would you find a cardboard box? 
-How do you use your imagination? 
-Why would someone choose to use their imagination to create with a box?

-Illustrating: changing a box shape into something else
-Box Maker Space creation: collecting cardboard boxes for your kiddos to create
-Creating museum exhibits or learning projects out of cardboard boxes
-2D and 3D shape dialogue, sorting and creating
-Sharing and tapping into imagination dialogue

Read Aloud: Try this read aloud with your learners. The reader uses the picture book to read and flip through the pages.

Have you read ‘NOT A BOX’? How did it provoke your learners? What connections to imagination did they share? How did you extend their learning and inquiry journey? Please share below. In inquiry we are more powerful together.

Stay curious, 


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