Goals: Forgiving and Celebrating

Participating in the #bcedchat this Sunday evening has inspired and pushed me to jump back on the blogging, reflecting out loud and sharing my learning and thinking train. Tonight, we have been focusing on revisiting goals for this year. Initially, this year I had hoped to:
-Continue to find purposeful ways to integrate technology, in the primary years, that align with the redesigned curriculum, focus on having students sharing their learning and thinking and CREATING. 
-To share, collaborate and connect with more educators surrounding the theme of my 1st goal. 
-Blog to share, connect and reflect about my learning and learning activities in our class. 

Through my reflections this evening, I feel that I have been working diligently at finding ways to meaningfully integrate technology primary years with the redesigned BC curriculum. We have been working towards sharing our thinking and learning through using technology as a tool. We have been focusing on making our Math thinking, counting and strategies visible through recording our thoughts and work. We have also been finding ways to share our research for our partner inquiry research projects using technology. We have been connecting with other classes, audio-recording our research findings and introducing our topics to share with families using the Green Screen! How exciting!

I have been looking for ways to connect, share and collaborate with educators. I have participated in many professional development opportunities, shared at our tri-district pro-d conference and participated as a mentor in a collaborative learning round. These have all been fabulous opportunities that have pushed me to reflect, share and grow. I look forward to continuing on this path.

Unfortunately, this is only my second blog post of 2016 and I quickly get bogged down on feeling as I have failed so far for this goal. I hope over the next few months I can get into the swing of blogging every couple weeks. Some honesty: I am my biggest critic, always feeling like I am not doing enough… always wishing I could be doing more -I am sure I am not the only one guilty of feeling this way! I have decided I am going to add another goal to my list: Celebrating the things I am doing. I follow this advice with my student learners; we are constantly celebrating small and big successes, we are congratulating each other, we are reflecting and talking about our learning. Why do I not do this with myself? Well here goes nothing, as I am saying I should be celebrating where I am,  I am ironically adding one more goal to my list for 2016… but hey, I believe it is a crucial one.

What are your goals for 2016? -And no, it is not too late to make some. 

How do you continue to work towards your goals whilst celebrating the little steps and accomplishments?

For the sake of celebrating my journey so far: I am proud of…
-Myself for currently being enrolled and busy learning in two courses at UVIC.
-Attending (and facilitating) professional development sessions
-Applying for my Master of Education this past month!
-Our upcoming Kindergarten Project Inquiry Expo for families which will be celebrating partner kindergarten (chosen) inquiry research journeys! AND, so proud of the learners in this picture below… some of their artwork linked to their inquiry projects using QR codes that take them to their Green Screen creations sharing their Maker projects!

I challenge YOU to share 3 things you are proud of! 



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