Wonder Wednesdays

Provocations are one of the most powerful tools in my practice. Whether the provocation comes in the form of a picture, an experience, a small world, a hands-on exploration, a GIF, a video, or a picture book, they allow me to provoke my learners and create connections to a essential question, idea, topic or experience. In Inquiry Mindset, Trevor and I have captured some of the powerful reasons why we LOVE using provocations.
The Power of a Provocation

Picture books are a HUGE part of my teaching and have become one of my favourite ways to provoke and facilitate learning, connection making, questioning, researching and dialogue around a essential question or inquiry focus. Each Wednesday, I will be sharing a blog post titled ‘Wonder Wednesday’ in hopes of sharing a picture book that I have used and found to be a powerful tool to provoke wonder and learning with my learners. I hope it will be come both a reflective routine for myself and perhaps inspire and impact your practice in some way.


I hope you’ll join us Wednesdays for some #WonderWednesday picture book sharing!

Stay curious, 


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