Picture Books for the Questioning win!

Picture books are my go to! They support me broaching big topics with my LITTLES in Kindergarten. I use them as provocations to provoke wonder, connection builders to connect to our current interests and curiosities and as ways to introduce and provoke questions and questioning.

Here are some of my go-to picture books when I am working on provoking questioning with my learners. The list could go on, so I have picked five of my favourites to share with you. I’d love to hear what your favourites are, to add to my list. Please share below.

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‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ by Andrea Beaty, can be ordered here.
This picture book is all about a young girl named Ada. She is FULL of curiosity and questions. She asks questions after questions, and realizes that her questions don’t always lead her to answers, but sometimes they lead her to more questions! I love how this book is centered around a young girl who is a scientist. Talk about empowering young girls to ask questions, follow their curiosities and all in a playful and scientist way! Yes, please.
Looking for a read aloud of ‘Ada Twist, Scientist’ click here. 

‘Not a Box’ by Antoinette Portis, can be ordered
NOT A BOX.jpgThis book is a fun book for all ages, and especi
ally for the littles in your life. The book is a conversation guided by questions. Each page begins with a question and then is answered by a young bunny. This young bunny is imagining various playful box ideas and creations on each page. This book is a great way to look at what a question s in a playful and imagination provoking way. Enjoy this fun read.
Looking for a read aloud of ‘Not a Box’, click here.

‘What do you do with an Idea?’ by Kobi Yamada, can be ordered here.WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA.jpg
This beautiful picture books shares about what it feels like to have an idea. This book connects to questioning because we like to say that all great ideas begin with a question. The young person in the story follows their idea and realizes the power behind having an idea, how it can truly change the world. This book allows young learners to understand how important ideas and questions are, and how we have the ability to honour and celebrate them.
Looking for a read aloud of ‘What do you do with an Idea?’ click here. 

‘I wonder’ by Annaka Harris and John Rowe, can be ordered hereIWONDER.jpg
I wonder is a gorgeous picture book about a young girl that takes a walk with her mum. The illustrations are breath taking and so is the message in this book. The young girl learns that there is not always an answer to every question and that it is simply fair to respond with ‘I don’t know’ and continue to wonder. This picture book will provoke thinking and discussion around questions and wonders in your classroom.
Click here for a book trailer for ‘I Wonder’.

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spirescan be ordered here. THE MOST MAG.jpg
This book is about a young girl with an idea and following her idea to create something. This book ties into the idea that all great ideas do not always go as planned and sometimes we have to reevaluate through asking questions and challenging our own ideas. If you are working on following ideas, perseverance, using questions to refine thinking and ideas, and problem solving -you and your littles will love this book.
Looking for a read loud of the ‘Most Magnificent Thing’, click here. 

I hope these picture books have inspired and provoked some teaching connections and ideas for you and your littles. These are just a few of my favourite books for questioning and following our ideas. I would love to hear your favourites, please share them below.

For more books on questioning, wonder, collaboration, mindset and more, check out Inquiry Mindset, co-authored by myself and Trevor MacKenzie. 

Stay curious, 


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