The Power of Provocations

I always get asked well how do you start an inquiry? How do you know if they are interested in a topic? How do you know if the kids have prior-knowledge in an area, or if you have to build it? Provocations, provocations, oh yeah and…provocations!

Here is a little sneak peek of our upcoming book, Inquiry Mindset. If you haven’t checked out my amazing co-author, Trevor MacKenzie, you’ll be blown away. This sketchnote sums up the power behind a provocation. This is just one of the sketchnotes in our Inquiry Mindset book, we can’t wait for you to see more. The Power of a Provocation .PNG

A provocation can be a beautiful set up, an image, a GIF, a picture book, an activity, a video clip, a field trip, materials, a nature walk, etc. to spark curiosities around and about an inquiry topic or idea. We use provocations with our learners to ignite inquiry. We observe, record and reflect on the discussions, interactions and creative ideas that are switched on by the provocation. If all goes well, provocations lead to beautiful and deep learning. They help to drive and guide inquiries. At times, they can also show us that the topic is perhaps not driving a ton of questions and passion, so something may need to be tweaked.

Here are some of my favourite provocations:

I would love to see your favourite provocations! Share them to our online community to inspire your colleagues using our #InquiryMindset hashtag.

Stay curious, 



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