The Salmon Teaches us About Growth Mindset

As part of our embarking on learning about the Spirit of Alliances, see post here, I realized a strong connecting between Growth Mindset and the Salmon. The Salmon is a great teacher about having a Growth Mindset, and this topic has been an enjoyed focus by our Kindergarten friends.

Over the past week, we have been discovering more about what the Salmon teaches us. We have been learning that the Salmon teaches us to persevere, to try new things, and to think openly and positively about new ideas. The Salmon teaches us that we may think like the Salmon in some situations, but not all. For instance, we may think with an open mind about trying something new, but a suggestion for a new way of doing something else new might feel challenging for us to think like Salmon about. Through many discussions, role plays and modelling we came to the conclusion that it is OK that we don’t always think and feel like Salmon in every situation. We also decided that when we aren’t feeling or thinking like Salmon, it is important to remind ourselves of what Salmon would do if Salmon where in a situation like ours in order to begin moving our thinking and feelings forward in a positive direction.

We brainstormed, after reading our Spirit of Alliances story, the different traits that the Salmon teaches and shares with us. We then worked on acting like Salmon in different role play situations, this was a great experience for some children who decided to partake as actors and actresses, and others was a important role as an audience member making observations when actors and actresses were thinking like Salmon and when they were not. When they were not thinking like Salmon, we gave suggestions as to how they might shift their thinking to be more like Salmon, if they were so inclined.

Our discussions about Growth Mindset and thinking like Salmon kept coming back to trying new things. For us, in Kindergarten, that was the biggest take away we had about thinking like Salmon. It seemed to be the most relatable piece for five year old’s. We decided it would be a great idea to journal about our experiences in trying new things, and sharing how it felt once we had tried something new. Here are a few examples of our work. The word ‘essayer’ (Try in French) became a fun word to say and use in our classroom this week.

This week we have been working on setting daily intentions and goals for ourselves which are based on the four Spirit of Alliance animals. Each morning we have been sharing orally about our intentions for the day in a circle setting. Lots of our friends have been sharing intentions based on the Salmon. Intentions such as keeping going when feeling frustrated, trying new activities, using my name tag to help me when I feel mad that I can’t write my name yet, listening to others suggestions, and many more. It is very inspiring to listen to four and five year old’s share about intentions and goals like this. Please stay tuned to hear how this progresses and how we begin to capture, reflect and share about how we are meeting our goals and intentions in Kindergarten.

Thank you,

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