What’s a Maker Faire?

File_000 (1).jpeg

The question that kept coming up last week, well what really is a Maker Faire?
File_001On Friday I learned that a Maker Faire is a time to…

Celebrate. Share your passion. Interact with makers who are part of your community. Learn from your peers. Talk about your journey. Explore many different maker crafts. Share something you’ve created, built or designed. Have a turn at hammering, planting, virtual reality or trying your friends underwater mask. File_006.jpeg


I learned that a Maker Faire is much more than sharing a product, it is about learning from one another, it is about laughing with your friends while watching a catapult, it’s about feeling the energy from organized chaos, it’s about getting your hair cut by a barber, it’s about asking your grade 5 buddy about Sugar Density Layers, or his outer space planet model.

File_005File_008.jpegSome of my friends learned that sometimes our projects aren’t quite finished, so we have nothing yet to show or sometimes our projects get used so much that our ‘final’ product isn’t as exciting as it was a few days ago… and that is OK.

I learned that Maker Faires welcome learners, families, community members and staff members with a huge smile, neon and glittery hair spray and sunshine. File_002.jpeg

Thanks to Sunny Jun for your hard work in bringing everyone together. Thanks to the parents, community members, learners and staff who helped make this possible for our children.

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