Modeling Passion & Enthusiasm


I do have to admit, that sometimes I feel more excited about our learning and forecast inquiry directions than my kindergarten learners do. At times, I get so passionate and enthusiastic about a question or a topic, that I just want activities, trials, errors, research, play to all start rolling quicker than ever. I have to remind myself to step back and wait for their questions to take us on a learning path, so that they feel just as excited as I do.

Currently, I am in full blown implementation of the new BC curriculum. Last year, I began using it in some areas…. so this year I am feeling more confident in fully implementing it into our learning in Kindergarten. Yes, the new curriculum has some minor flaws and yes, the new curriculum brings change and has switched topic areas around. Putting the challenges aside,  I am so looking forward to working with a curriculum that is more flexible, focuses on the development of skills rather than solely content and enjoy new topics and ways of learning. I am excited about being able to feel confident in teaching through more hands-on approaches that follow student lead and questions and allow us to take our time in really deepening our learning throughout the year.

I am passionate about hearing  four and five year old learners share their questions, ideas and plans. They enjoy coming to school, they enjoy sharing and asking questions, they enjoy learning and researching, and so do I. The other day at parent teacher conferences, a lovely Mum stated/asked: “Rebecca, you really do love teaching don’t you?” At first, I wasn’t sure what to say… of course I love teaching that is why I am a teacher, but I then realized she recognizes that teaching is not only a job to me, it is my passion. I must have had the biggest smile on my face when she realized this, because it means that others can see how passionate and enthusiastic I am about teaching.  I was so excited to know that someone else had noticed my enthusiasm for teaching and learning. I thanked her for sharing her observation and I told her why I love teaching, especially Kindergarten…

I love working with young learners who are passionate about themselves, learning and discovering. I love how in Kindergarten learners are curious, share their wonders and view life in a magical way. I love seeing their creativity grow and their passion for learning unravel. I love working in a school that supports their staff by collaboration time, meaningful tools for learning. I love working in a school district that supports their teachers, build up each other and provide many learning opportunities within our community. I love scrolling through our school district hashtag #sd61learn and learning about what others are doing in our community. I love reading other educators blogs, opinions, and work. I love celebrating, and I feel that celebrating is a big part of our jobs as educators. We celebrate our learners, we celebrate each other, we celebrate our families, we celebrate our schools, we celebrate our districts. We celebrate our work and our spirit, we celebrate even hearing a kindergarten friend answer or ask a question in French in our classroom. We are so proud of each other and so proud of our learners. Teaching, is really one big celebration!

Right now, I am reading The Innovator’s Mindset, by George Couros and I am blown away. I am blown away by George’s passion for education, his passion for building up his colleagues and his passion for celebrating each other. I had the pleasure of hearing George share multiple times in Victoria this fall, and he is nothing less than inspiring. One of my highlights that I took from him is building up the people around you. He is so passionate about other educators, he is so passionate about sharing success stories whether it be his father’s, his colleagues, his niece, his wife, his students. His book is filled of positive stories of educators trying new things, being leaders and sharing their expertise. George’s talks and book has inspired me to begin a leadership group with our 4/5s to learn and inquire more about leaders, and what a difference leaders can make. Our group seems passionate about student interests and I am excited about our journey together. Overall, I highly recommend the read The Innovator’s Mindset, to fellow educators, parents and learners.

How do you model passion?
How do you build on enthusiasm?
​How do you celebrate each other, learners and colleagues?

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