Our Kids

What do you hope for your child as a learner?
What would you like for your student/child to leave our ed system with?
What kind of person do you hope your child or student to be when they graduate high school? 

These questions were posed to me this summer during the UVIC Kindergarten Institute by Maureen Dockendorf. She asked us to think of our child, a special child to us, or a student and to try and answer the questions.

I swear when Maureen speaks and shares, she gets people cheering, clapping and laughing all talking about the same current education topics we share during staff meetings and professional development opportunities. Maureen has this power to make everyone in the room feel as if they are doing the best job, their best work and providing each child with what they personally need at that time. She raises spirits, inspires others and takes weight off shoulders.  Her audience is almost shouting ‘Amen!’ by the end of her presentation. 

This weekend, I was fortunate to attend EdCamp and listen to George Couros share at three different presentations.

George is also right up there as an inspiration leader, who is positive yet challenges you to think about your practices, decisions and options. He has this way about him that leaves you feeling inspired, sore from laughing and hopeful. By hopeful, I mean hopeful for education. Hopeful that change is all ready happening, and here is what we can do to be part of it. He has this positive twist on building up each other as strong leaders and viewing the positive in others by supporting and learning from them. I love this! 

Not only was I fortunate to hear George share, but I was also pleased to collaborate and share through the Ed Camp discussions with my colleagues from our local districts. The energy, dedication, and inspiration shared within our district is incredible. 

This all got me thinking back to Maureen’s questions. What do we really want our learners to leave our system with? So many discussions took place this weekend, but for me everything kept coming back to one common theme: PASSIONS. Throughout the weekend, the idea of ‘learners following their own passions to create deep, meaningful and engaging learning’ was reoccurring.  This is a huge focus for myself and I recognize how it is a focus for other educators. What I would like to know is: is this also a focus for the families of my learners in Kindergarten? 

Yesterday, I posted on my family learning blog with these types of questions. I am hoping to hear back from some families about their hopes/wishes/focuses for their children, our children.

What types of learners would you like to see after thirteen years in the public ed system? 

George shared this incredible video (please see video below), this speaks to the type of learner I would like to see.


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